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Everyone needs a will and trust. It doesn’t matter if you think you will have many years left to live, or if you don’t consider yourself particularly wealthy – the truth is that no one is promised tomorrow. Without these two foundational estate planning tools, your family won’t know what to do if anything happens to you, and everything you own (including your home and savings accounts) may not be passed to your loved ones. A smart will and trust strategy is necessary in order to protect what matters most to you! You may be tempted to take the shortcut and download a “do-it-yourself” template online, but that option won’t reflect your unique goals and may not stay up-to-date over the years. At Daly Law Offices, our experienced will and trust lawyer takes the time to learn about your wishes, finances, and family dynamics so we can draft the most personalized documents possible. Call now to request a free consultation.

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Most people understand that they should have a will, which is a legal document that spells out how assets will be distributed after death. However, most people don’t realize that having a will won’t be enough to prevent their estate from needing to go through the expensive court process after their passing, that simply writing down their wishes won’t necessarily guarantee that they will be honored, or that there are many different types of wills that perform different functions (e.g., living wills, last wills and testament, joint wills, etc.). In Pennsylvania, having the right type of lawyer-drafted will and trust is the only way to ensure that everything you own is immediately transferred to everyone you love, without hassle or court involvement. Trusts are not as familiar to people as wills are, but they are arguably equally as important or even more so. A trust is a legal arrangement that transfers ownership of assets from the owner (or grantor) to a trustee, and establishes rules for both the management of the assets in the trust and eventual distribution to the beneficiaries upon the grantor’s death. It sounds complicated – and indeed, making a trust can be a complex process – but essentially, having a trust is managing your assets in such a way as to safeguard them for the people you want to inherit them when you pass away. Trusts have many benefits. They can prevent probate, reduce taxes, and help in the event of illness or disability, not just death. Just as there are multiple types of wills, there are different trust options available to choose from (e.g., revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, special needs trusts, etc.). Determining what type of will and trust you should have, and what your will and trust should include, can be confusing. When you work with Daly Law Offices, we will explain everything to you in language you can easily understand so you can feel confident in your plan. We will draft your custom will and trust to be fully compliant with Pennsylvania law and take care of everything else for you! You don’t have to spend time doing the research or poring over the paperwork; you can enjoy the present, knowing that your and your family’s future is secure. Call Daly Law Offices today to request a free consultation and learn more about how we can help!

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Worked together on a relative’s Estate Planning. Very easy to work with and knowledgeable. So glad we chose Josh. Thank you.

Beth Macik

Josh we wanted to take a moment to thank you from the 3 of us from the bottom of our hearts. You are a gift and you have such a gift in what you do and they way you actually do it.
A total class act with the perfect personality for your profession. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you and honestly thank so much. And it won’t be the last you see of us. Much Appreciation. The Stine/DiGiovanni family
*We highly recommend Joshua Daly for Elder Law, wills, etc. This is something that people don’t know what can happen when your parents pass away or what to do. Josh helps prevent as much as you legally can the home and assets being taken by elder care home and/or govt.
What a great experience on a subject people don’t like to talk about but is so important. Josh makes this process pleasant. We are recommending Josh to all our friend and family and friends. Everyone should get their ducks in a row. I am glad we met Josh & finally did this!
Thank you Josh

Stephanie DiGiovanni

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