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As you get older you become more vulnerable, physically, legally, and financially. Today’s seniors are living longer than they used to, so they’ll require more protection to ensure their hard-earned assets are safe from potential risks. Elder law is an umbrella term for several different areas of law that specifically pertains to those age 65+, their caretakers, and their families. In complex situations it can even involve disputes and going to court.

Whether you’re a caregiver of a senior, or you’re a senior yourself preparing for your retirement years, or facing issues already, our experienced Slatington elder law attorney can help make sure that your golden years are as peaceful as possible. Call Daly Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation and learn your next steps.

Slatington Elder Law Attorney

How Our Slatington Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of many processes that our elder law attorney can help you with. It involves getting your affairs in order to ensure that your assets and property are properly managed and distributed after you pass away. It can also help you prepare for the possibility of incapacitation, meaning you can appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf legally, financially, and medically when you can’t make those decisions yourself.

Many people fall victim to the misconception that all you’ll need to protect your family is a will, but the fact of the matter is that a will won’t prevent probate from occurring. Our elder law attorney can assess your situation and advise you on what your comprehensive estate plan should include.


Some seniors reach a point where they are no longer able to live on their own or take care of themselves. When this occurs, they can appoint a guardian as their legal caregiver. The guardian determines where the senior lives and who lives with them. They will also arrange for their medical care, take care of their finances, and be responsible for their social and emotional well-being. Guardianship can be difficult to establish, as it requires petitioning the court and filling out extensive paperwork. It can also be an expensive process to go through.

Long-Term Care Planning

One of the most pressing matters of elder law is long-term care planning, also known as Medicaid planning. About 70% of seniors age 65 and up will need nursing home care at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the cost of assisted living averages between $5,000-$12,000 a month in the state of Pennsylvania. This kind of care isn’t typically covered by private insurance or Medicaid (which many don’t realize). This means if you don’t qualify for Medicaid, you could end up losing your savings to cover the cost of the care you need, or you could end up becoming a financial burden for your family. We help you take the steps necessary to qualify and apply!

Government Benefits

Another part of growing older and reaching retirement age is navigating income. When seniors can no longer work they need to apply for government benefits like Medicare, Social Security, disability, and Veterans Aid. It can be difficult to understand what you qualify for and what is needed to obtain financial security. We can help with every aspect of financial planning so that you can have peace of mind.

Why Work With Daly Law Offices?

At Daly Law Offices, our Slatington elder law attorney, Josh Daly, is passionate about helping seniors and their families navigate the complex steps of elder law planning. We can help simplify legal lingo, answer your questions and give you the confidence and clarity you need to move forward. You deserve to enjoy these years, allow us to advocate on your behalf to guarantee that you can. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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Worked together on a relative’s Estate Planning. Very easy to work with and knowledgeable. So glad we chose Josh. Thank you.

Beth Macik

Josh we wanted to take a moment to thank you from the 3 of us from the bottom of our hearts. You are a gift and you have such a gift in what you do and they way you actually do it.
A total class act with the perfect personality for your profession. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you and honestly thank so much. And it won’t be the last you see of us. Much Appreciation. The Stine/DiGiovanni family
*We highly recommend Joshua Daly for Elder Law, wills, etc. This is something that people don’t know what can happen when your parents pass away or what to do. Josh helps prevent as much as you legally can the home and assets being taken by elder care home and/or govt.
What a great experience on a subject people don’t like to talk about but is so important. Josh makes this process pleasant. We are recommending Josh to all our friend and family and friends. Everyone should get their ducks in a row. I am glad we met Josh & finally did this!
Thank you Josh

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