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The period of time after a loved one passes is understandably difficult for a family. In addition to the immense sadness and grief they are experiencing, they may also be forced to deal with complicated legal matters if their loved one didn’t have an estate plan when they passed. If you own property and want to save your family from having to sort through your estate and deal with the court when you eventually pass on, it is imperative that you get your affairs in order by seeking an experienced estate planning attorney who can help you draft a will and create a trust. 

While it can be uncomfortable to think about your own death and intimidating to navigate complex financial and legal issues, you can trust that Daly Law Offices will answer all of your questions and educate you on your options so that you can make the most informed decisions. Our lead attorney, Joshua N. Daly handles each case with attention and sensitivity so that you can have a pleasant and comfortable estate planning experience. Call today to schedule your free consultation with our Emmaus wills and trusts lawyer and learn more about how we can serve you.

Who Needs A Will And Trust In Pennsylvania?

Many people are aware that they should have a will, but not everyone knows that ideally, both a will and trust are necessary. Contrary to popular belief, trusts are not just for the wealthy. A trust is a financial entity that you transfer your assets to and have managed by a trustee during your lifetime; upon your death, the assets are distributed to your beneficiaries, or heirs. Trusts are highly worthwhile due to the security you get for your assets, the tax benefits, the bypassing of probate, and more. With a trust, you can have peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned life’s wealth is protected and will be transferred directly to your family upon your death, thus eliminating government involvement and ensuring your privacy. 

How Can A Will And Trust Impact You And Your Family?

Having a will and trust gives you control over what happens to your assets following your death or in the event you become incapacitated. Without a will, your estate will be distributed according to the intestacy laws of Pennsylvania, which typically give priority to your closest living relatives. This could cause conflict within your family as the laws and court do not know your unique family dynamics, meaning they won’t account for blended families, estranged family members, or any other cases specific to your family. Even if your family members are aware of your wishes, they will not be able to have a say in what happens to your assets without the presence of a will, therefore they cannot and will not be honored. 

If you have a will but do not have a trust, your estate must go through the notoriously time-consuming Pennsylvania probate process, which must be overseen by a court. It may be several months before your loved ones can take possession of the property you designated for them. Our experienced Emmaus wills and trusts lawyer can draft a will and create a trust for you so that your loved ones will not have to experience the stress of settling your estate while also working through their grief.

Which Type Of Will And Trust Is Right For Your Circumstances?

There are many different types of wills and trusts. Our mindful Emmaus wills and trusts lawyer will take the time to get to know you, your financial situation, and distinct goals so that he can lead you in the direction that will be most beneficial for your family. Some possibilities might be:

  • Testamentary will
  • Joint or mirror will
  • Living will
  • Revocable trust
  • Irrevocable trust
  • Charitable trust
  • Special needs trust
  • And more!

Our Dedicated Emmaus Wills And Trusts Lawyer Goes The Extra Mile To Ensure Your Satisfaction

Don’t wait until it’s too late to make a plan! A will and trust together can save your family an immense amount of frustration, conflict, additional expenses, financial hardship and more. Our lead attorney has over 15 years of experience assisting families with the estate planning process and can help you protect your legacy while laying a foundation for your family. Call today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our services!

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Worked together on a relative’s Estate Planning. Very easy to work with and knowledgeable. So glad we chose Josh. Thank you.

Beth Macik

Josh we wanted to take a moment to thank you from the 3 of us from the bottom of our hearts. You are a gift and you have such a gift in what you do and they way you actually do it.
A total class act with the perfect personality for your profession. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you and honestly thank so much. And it won’t be the last you see of us. Much Appreciation. The Stine/DiGiovanni family
*We highly recommend Joshua Daly for Elder Law, wills, etc. This is something that people don’t know what can happen when your parents pass away or what to do. Josh helps prevent as much as you legally can the home and assets being taken by elder care home and/or govt.
What a great experience on a subject people don’t like to talk about but is so important. Josh makes this process pleasant. We are recommending Josh to all our friend and family and friends. Everyone should get their ducks in a row. I am glad we met Josh & finally did this!
Thank you Josh

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