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Many people don’t realize how exorbitant the prices of nursing homes and other long-term care services are until they are unable to pay the fees and get the care they need. In some cases, these elders may be able to turn to their children or other relatives for help, but this still leaves someone with the burden of funding heavy costs. Medicaid is a public healthcare program that can help relieve these expenses, but not everyone is able to qualify. However, through a process called Medicaid planning, it is possible to obtain the help of an attorney to plan ahead in order to qualify for Medicaid, and thus receive assistance with the costs of long term care. 

Daly Law Offices has over 15 years experience in helping elders learn their options and make a plan for the future that ensures their assets will be protected from the costs of long-term care. For more information regarding the benefits of Medicaid planning and how this process can shield your hard-earned life earnings, call our Emmaus Medicaid planning lawyer and request your free consultation!

What Medicaid Is 

Medicaid is a low-income public healthcare program sponsored by the U.S. government which 1 in 5 Americans receive coverage through. The state and federal government are partners in funding this program, with the state ultimately having the final say in eligibility criteria, eligible coverage groups, services covered, administrative and operating procedures, and payment levels. Medicaid is the principal source of funding for long-term care services, which usually refers to the medical or non-medical services that help older Americans with their daily lives and routines. 

Why Waiting To “Plan” Can Jeopardize Your Chances Of Qualifying 

Because Medicaid is intended for those with low incomes, individuals must fall below the asset limit that is established for the state of Pennsylvania. This may be higher or lower than the surrounding states, so if you’ve recently moved, your ability to qualify may have also changed. The limit will also vary based on the way you are applying – i.e., single, individually as a married person, or as a couple with your spouse. 

You will not be able to simply spend your assets down or gift them to your children in an effort to alter your financial appearance to the government. Your finances from the last five years will be reviewed before it is determined if you fall below the asset limit. This is why it is necessary to “plan” to qualify for Medicaid, and why waiting until the last minute is not in your best interest. 

How An Attorney Can Assist You In The Qualification Process

There are numerous steps and phases of the Medicaid planning process, and unfortunately, most of them are complex and hard for the average person to understand. Our Emmaus Medicaid planning lawyer is well-practiced with the state and federal guidelines that govern the process, and he is able to guide you through the process seamlessly and effectively. To make sure you will qualify for Medicaid benefits, he will first work to restructure your finances so that you have the greatest chance at being granted acceptance. This is achieved through different strategies, such as creating trusts, converting countable assets to exempt assets, transferring assets, and more. In addition, he will also help you navigate the application process by preparing documentation, managing finances, and establishing other protections that may be necessary. 

Trust Our Experienced Emmaus Medicaid Planning Lawyer To Build An Effective Plan For You And Your Family

Don’t be blindsided by the costs of long-term care, especially when it becomes an urgent need! Daly Law Offices can walk you through the process and secure a comfortable future for you and your family. Call our firm to schedule your free consultation and let us give you peace of mind!

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