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Residents of Pennsylvania should have a will and a trust as components of a comprehensive estate plan. We all want to live a long, healthy life, but no one knows when they may suffer injuries during an unforeseen accident or pass away from a sudden illness – tomorrow is never guaranteed! That’s why protecting your loved ones, your assets, and your legacy is paramount. Retaining a skilled and knowledgeable estate planning attorney is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your will and trust are legally sound. Our Bethlehem will and trust lawyer will help you understand the features and benefits associated with these important legal documents and customize them to your unique needs! Call Attorney Joshua N. Daly of Daly Law Offices today to book your free consultation and get started.

Wills And Trusts Offer Many Benefits For Many Different People

Everyone in Pennsylvania who owns property or has family can benefit from having an estate plan that includes a will and a trust. The majority of Pennsylvania residents have general knowledge regarding the importance of wills – a last will and testament can make your final wishes clear and determine who will inherit which of your possessions – but many individuals believe trusts are only used by the rich. But trusts are not only for those with extensive assets and financial resources! Every individual with an estate plan can take advantage of the tax benefits associated with trusts, and even people who have “normal” incomes and don’t have many assets can save thousands of dollars in probate court costs by having a trust in place.

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement created by a “grantor” (you) that allows a trustee (yourself or someone you choose) to manage the trust assets for the benefit of named beneficiaries (which can also be you or other family members you choose). During your lifetime, a trust can help you safely manage your assets for yourself and your family; it offers protection from lawsuits, taxes, creditors, and other risks. A trust also keeps you from being disqualified for specific programs based on income level. However, one of the most important benefits of using a trust is that the trust assets are passed to surviving family members directly upon your death, without having to undergo the costly and time-consuming probate process. Trusts also allow you to keep the details of their assets out of public view.  A will alone will not prevent probate from having to occur; that’s why having both documents drafted by a Bethlehem will and trust lawyer are recommended! 

Different Types Of Wills And Trusts Under Pennsylvania Law 

A Bethlehem will and trust lawyer can provide you with information and guidance regarding the different types of wills and trusts available to choose from under Pennsylvania law. The following are some of the most common wills and trusts valid in Pennsylvania: 

  • special needs trust 
  • charitable trust 
  • pour-over trust 
  • irrevocable trust 
  • revocable trust (most common)
  • living will 
  • joint will 
  • last will and testament (most common)

Which one you create will depend on your goals, financial status, and family dynamics. 

Negative Consequences Can Arise for Pennsylvania Residents Who Do Not Have A Will or Trust 

 One of the most important benefits of having a valid will or trust is avoiding intestacy. If an individual does not have a valid will or trust, their assets will be distributed according to Pennsylvania’s laws of “intestate succession” upon their death. (Intestate just means without a will). Your surviving family members may never know how you wished to have your assets distributed after your death, and the laws don’t know what you wished either; your hard-earned assets and most cherished possessions might not end up going where you intended. Your family may even fight over court processes. 

If you have a will, you’ll avoid the intestate mess, but your estate may still have to go through probate administration before the assets can pass to those individuals named in the will. Probate administration is a formal court procedure that may take months or years to end. Also, as we’ve already mentioned earlier, fees and court costs can add up quickly during probate administration. A valid trust will keep your estate out of probate – again, having both can save you and your family many headaches! 

How A Bethlehem Will And Trust Lawyer Can Help You And Your Loved Ones 

It is not advisable for people to attempt to draft their own estate plan documents; working with a lawyer is always the best way to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes that could render your will or trust invalid later! Online legal advice is not specific to your individual case and needs, and may not be state-specific either. Any will or trust must be in accordance with Pennsylvania law. Drafting a valid will or trust is complex, and there is a reason that attorneys go to law school and practice for years to be able to do it! 

Joshua N. Daly, our lead Bethlehem will and trust attorney at Daly Law Offices, has 15 years of experience in estate planning law in Pennsylvania. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), the Pennsylvania Association of Elder Law Attorneys (PAELA), and the Estate Planning Council of the Lehigh Valley; he was also awarded the Lawyers of Distinction in 2022. He and his team are dedicated to providing practical solutions, professional integrity, and peace of mind for the future to all clients! You can rely on him to help you protect what matters most to you, today. Call to book a free consultation and learn more about your options!

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